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My view from the crowd: 5th June outside Israeli Embassy in London

June 8, 2010 4 comments

I was at High Street Kensington on Saturday 5th June waiting outside the Israeli embassy for the protest march to arrive from Downing Street. Since

4 young Muslim girls leading the crowd chanting "Free free Palestine Israil terrorist"

moving out of London in late 2008 I had not participated in any public demonstrations or protests and was glad to be back amidst the crowds. As the approximately 20,000 protesters descended upon High St Ken I was struck by two observations. Firstly by how many young teenaged Muslims were in the crowd. Perhaps I never particularly noticed from past demonstrations the sheer numbers of such young protesters. Perhaps it is specifically the Free Gaza protests that have attracted so many young protesters who may have followed the unfolding of the massacre online. I don’t know the answers. I re-watched the 3-minute video I took just before the 20,000 crowd gathered round and was again struck by the boldness and forwardness of young Muslim girls running up the stage, taking hold of the microphone and leading the early-gathered crowds in anti-Israeli chants. It could well be just the difference in physical layout –  the last time I attended a mass protest it ended in Trafalgar Square where there is no chance of random protesters running onto the stage and grabbing the microphone. Regardless of the physical or logistic design of these protests, it was clear to me that there really has been an upswell of increasing popular support. Read more…


When you have a break, please don’t have a KitKat

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Click on the image to watch Greenpeace's video

Nestle’s use of palm oil in their tremendously popular KitKat has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet. The palm oil comes from what used to be rainforest in Indonesia, killing off the home of the orangutan and many many other species. Each of us CAN make the difference on this issue. I attend the University of Aberdeen. Today I walked into the campus services office and had a chat with a member of staff about KitKat being sold in their Fairtrade cafes. Because I made the effort to speak to him he is now going to get in touch with Fairtrade UK (and put me in touch with them as well) to clarify their position on this matter.

Each one of us can help tilt the earth back to a just balance. Spread the word. Read more about reforestation projects in Indonesia.