رمضان كريم

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يوم ١ في شهر رمضان

I got my (Tunisian) dates for Iftaar!

I got my (Tunisian) dates for Iftaar!

I have just realised that I have different sets of fajr, imsaak, iftaar and prayer times for Derby for Ramadhan 1431. The London Central Mosque website is quite possibly in meltdown due to high traffic and I haven’t been able to access it this evening. Will try ringing the nearest mosque here to get prayer times for Ramadhan. Makes me ask myself why I didn’t bag the prayer times I was reading at PAK Foods last week! I don’t remember it being quite this difficult last year. Must remember to start coordinating these things MUCH sooner for next Ramadhan in sha’ Allah!

Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Radio Ramadhan Glasgow about their broadcast for Ramadhan and I’m very happy to see that Radio Ramadhan is still on air. Radio Ramadhan covers a few major cities around the country so check out their website for all details. I could get to their Edinburgh, Glasgow and Luton pages but not the Birmingham one. Since Birmingham is the nearest city to me I’ll keep on trying! Would be nice to hear some ramadhan radio at 2am! I also had the privilege of speaking with the Islamic Relief people last Ramadhan about their Ramadhan campaigns and it’s on again this year. Islamic Relief was recently named runner-up at the The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales’ charity finance award. Islamic Relief do very good work and they’re an incredibly well-run organisation. Do help with their Ramadhan campaign any way you can.

It’s been many years since I’ve spent Ramadhan with family. This year is the same. My parents are at Umrah and may Allah keep them well. My mother, who is the most stubborn woman on earth, was left dehydrated and sick when they were at Ramadhan Umrah last year but insists that this year she’ll be fine “except for her dodgy knee”. Well mum and dad, God keep you both well and Ramadhan Kareem!

A week to the opening of Ramadhan

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Don't fuel the oppression - boycott Israeli products

In a week we welcome the holy month of Ramadhan, God Willing. Following the practice of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) most Muslims break our fast with dates and water. For now, a simple reminder – Don’t break your fast with Israeli dates. For more information, visit the Check the Label website. The month of Ramadhan is also the good month when the first verses of the Holy Qur’an were revealed to the Prophet (pbuh). Take this opportunity, if you can, to read as much of the Qur’an . It is difficult to complete the reading of the book in a month, but as they say – practice makes perfect. I’m looking forward to Ramadhan. May Allah bless you and family in the coming good month! Ramadhan Kareem!

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My view from the crowd: 5th June outside Israeli Embassy in London

June 8, 2010 4 comments

I was at High Street Kensington on Saturday 5th June waiting outside the Israeli embassy for the protest march to arrive from Downing Street. Since

4 young Muslim girls leading the crowd chanting "Free free Palestine Israil terrorist"

moving out of London in late 2008 I had not participated in any public demonstrations or protests and was glad to be back amidst the crowds. As the approximately 20,000 protesters descended upon High St Ken I was struck by two observations. Firstly by how many young teenaged Muslims were in the crowd. Perhaps I never particularly noticed from past demonstrations the sheer numbers of such young protesters. Perhaps it is specifically the Free Gaza protests that have attracted so many young protesters who may have followed the unfolding of the massacre online. I don’t know the answers. I re-watched the 3-minute video I took just before the 20,000 crowd gathered round and was again struck by the boldness and forwardness of young Muslim girls running up the stage, taking hold of the microphone and leading the early-gathered crowds in anti-Israeli chants. It could well be just the difference in physical layout –  the last time I attended a mass protest it ended in Trafalgar Square where there is no chance of random protesters running onto the stage and grabbing the microphone. Regardless of the physical or logistic design of these protests, it was clear to me that there really has been an upswell of increasing popular support. Read more…

Gaza Aid Flotilla useful links for updates

May 30, 2010 1 comment

If you’re looking for updates about the flotilla, these  links will help:

Gaza Freedom March (with good local links) http://ht.ly/1RPTO

Palestine Monitor  – http://www.palestinemonitor.org/spip/spip.php?article1425

Witness Gaza – http://witnessgaza.com/


Livestream – http://www.livestream.com/insaniyardim

Jews for Justice for Palestinians – http://jfjfp.com/

Ma’an News Agency report – http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=288217

International Middle East Media Center – http://www.imemc.org/article/58804

You won’t find much news or updates in the mainstream UK press, so follow these  above. If you’re on Twitter, the following people will provide useful updates. Please remember to use the #flotilla hashtag to keep it trending:




@nmoawad (was apparently blocked by twitter today and we’re waiting for an unblock, in sha Allah! Update – the a/c is now unblocked)






For real-time updates follow http://bit.ly/a8ZInL

Was that what I said to the Beeb?

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Jamillah Knowles of BBC News emailed me during GE season to ask if I would participate in their Bloggers’ Review of the GE campaign. I wrote long answers in response  to her questions. I suppose excitement got the better of me and I didn’t think about the press just taking what suits them best. Sigh. Lesson learnt. I should be more impactful and effective next time this kind of thing happens to me. Anyway, here are the links!

Post-polling day review

Pre-polling day review

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Welcome to New Politics

May 12, 2010 2 comments

photo taken off http://news.bbc.co.uk/

Well. All parties must have been well disappointed with the result of the election. I do believe that David Cameron and his Tories would by far have preferred a majority Conservative government but the hung parliament has meant that, after several days of negotiations, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have formed a coalition government. Being a Liberal Democrat supporter I was disappointed that we did not do as well as expected. But then the realities of What Happens Next set in. Read more…

It’s far from over folks! I say NO to coalitions

May 8, 2010 9 comments

Adapted from guardian.co.uk

So I was wrong. On the eve of Polling day I was looking forward to “it being all over tomorrow”. What was I thinking? I should have been more honest and exposed my mantra – Expect the worst, hope for the best. The worst, of course, would be a majority Tory government. The best would be a hung parliament. And so “the best” has happened. What I (and perhaps millions others) did not see coming (or maybe were too busy to confront at the time) is the period of uncertainty that comes after the electorate has delivered a hung parliament. So David Cameron and his Tories want a coalition with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. Mr Clegg is open to speaking to both Labour and the Tories (and by now has probably spoken to both already). I’m confused. Why is it that all everyone is talking about is coalition to form a majority government to make life easier for either of the two big parties? I support NO coalitions. I support Parliament being run by a minority Tory administration with no majority. I support that each decision be taken issue by issue in Parliament. Read more…