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Halal KFC in the UK?

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Halal KFC soon to come?

A friend of mine texted me yesterday as I was on the train travelling from Aberdeen to Derby:

“Untuk makluman. Hidangan ayam di kfc derby, derby DE24 8EY dan 86 kfc seluruh UK yang bertanda HFA adalah halal. Info at (Translation in brief – FYI halal KFC in Derby and 86 other KFC outlets throughout the UK)

GREAT, I thought. I must admit I do enjoy a fantastically unhealthy finger lickin’ fried chicken meal once in a while and the last time I had KFC was in Cairo last year in July! So what’s the news with KFC and halal chicken in the UK? According to this site, KFC has removed bacon from 86 of its outlets in the UK and has started a ‘halal trial’, not allowing any meat not killed to Islamic dietary law to be used. Not everyone’s as happy as I am  of course. People looking for some bacon have expressed their discontent, according to this report. Further, this Muslim site discusses KFC’s halal trial in a forum, with Muslims urging that ‘stunning’ the animal before slaughter is not permissible, and that the Halal Food Authority (HFA) in the UK has “controversial standards” and “are not represented by any reputable scholars”. At the end of the day, just as with most other things affecting Muslims, it’s up to each of us to make up our own minds proportionate to what is best for each of us. I’m certainly going to find out more about this and if convinced, I’m going to get me some finger lickin’ good chicken (WITH skin!).

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