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Against ‘naked scanners’? Don’t fly out of Heathrow & Manchester

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

These ‘naked scanners’ have worried me since they were first introduced on trial at Manchester airport last year (read here for news of that in Oct 2009). While they were still on trial and we had the option of the traditional ‘pat down’ method, we the public had some distance from their potential reality as a norm in UK airports. But now, five months later, naked scanners have been installed in Manchester and Heathrow airports, with ‘random travellers’ being picked out to be more closely scrutinised with these x-ray scanners. In January an article in the Guardian was worried about these scanners threatening to break child porn laws, reminding us that the trial of the scanners in Manchester went ahead only after they could rule out under-18s from the scans. Quite rightly the potential threat of the “creation of indecent images of children” should be eliminated. What worries me is that my privacy and protection as an adult has not been privileged at all. Read more…