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Escaping London public bus woes

April 9, 2011 Leave a comment

The DLR, as photograhed by The Evening Standard, when it was first launched in 2008

Yesterday I decided to skip the daily frustration and hassle of buses. I opted for the alternative

to London public bus inconvenience – the underground. A few tube and DLR stops later, I returned unscathed, and with a whole 30minutes to spare! Highlight of the journey? Woman sitting next to me on the DLR was reading – reading – a copy of the English dictionary. She was shaking her head, not happy with the definition of “already”, brandished a pencil and started making notes.

If tube fares weren’t so expensive I’d be on it everyday. But alas….


(Trying to) get around South London by bus

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Police RecoveryI’ve had woes. Woe is me taking public buses in and out of South London. Roadworks have been going on at Elephant and Castle, and that’s been a major travel-stopper. A few days ago a 168 bus driver stops 3 buses away, then refuses to open the doors at the actual bus-stop! The day after the normally reliable 122 was super delayed. Woe is public buses in London. Plus the warmer months always seem to attract more people onto buses, and the warmer air brings with it all sorts of (un)wanted odours. Sigh. But here’s a snapshot of one of the many recoveries in South London that strangely cheered me up walking to (yet another) bus-stop in South London.