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Day 2 Ramadhan 1431 – Qur’an apps and widgets

August 12, 2010 2 comments

It’s day 2 of Ramadhan 1431. Today’s Ramadhan recommendations are a few Qur’an apps and widgets that will get you started:

You can now get Mobile Holy Qur'an for iPad from zoosware

1. I use the free Mobile Holy Quran app on my iPhone that lets me download sura by sura, and include recitations by either Sheikh Ghamdi or Sheikh Husairy, or neither. This app is built specifically for the smaller mobile screen, allowing space for each ayat only. Recitation is synced with each ayat as it appears and you can read the Yusuf Ali English translation as you go along. You can choose to repeat ayat by ayat with their controls. Being Malay, I like that it also offers Malay translation! It also has ‘Notes’ that allows you to add your own notes for each ayat.

Zoosware have apps for everything – iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Palm Webos, as well as for non-mobile PCs and Macs. You can choose to donate to the company. I’ve never used it but their iPad Quran app looks fantastic. Do click on the image to check it out for yourself.

2. Paid apps – There are a lot of other Quran apps available, and if you search ‘Quran’, the iPhone apps store comes up with:

a. Quran Reader by Batoul Apps – £1.79 (as far as I can see the interface is more elaborate than my free zoosware ap)

b. YaSeen by Condetsoft – £1.19

c. Quran Urdu by Shaheen Soft – £1.19

d. Quran: Reading Plan for non-Muslims by Ian Vink – £1.19

e. AIMulk – The Sovereignty by Condetsoft – £1.19 (for the surah al-Mulk)

3. You can download the freeware Quran Cast Podcast Widget by Khaled Mohammad straight to your desktop/dashboard. I find it particularly useful as it’s handy if you want specific sura recitations and not the entire Qur’an. For some reason, though, the list of suras is reversed, so you have to scroll all the way down for Al-fateha. This is a podcast that you can subscribe to.

I like this Electronic Quran widget for Mac OS X Dashboard

4. A more complete widget for your dashboard is the freeware Electronic Quran by Mohammad Umairi. It offers an endless list of reciters and you can pause it as well. My only grouse about it is that its scroll doesn’t work and you have to click on the arrows to move up and down the lists.

Give some of them a try and stick with the ones that suit you best! Ramadhan is the month of the Holy Qur’an – read, listen, think and in sha’ Allah act accordingly. Thank you to all the developers for your generosity and work. Blessings of the good month from my family to yours!