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Public Display of Affection: I *mwah* Nick Clegg

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I did something I had never done before – I showed my support for a political party by donating money to their cause. It was a small sum, but a big step for me. I had never before shown much public support for any political party but a vote for the Liberal Democrats come 6th May 2010 is so desperately needed. Don’t simply brush aside Nick Clegg’s call for “change” as mere cliche. Understand that a vote for either Labour or the Conservatives is a strengthening of the threads of self-serving old politics that is stained with streaks of self-entitlement. Each and every vote for the Liberal Democrats will serve to untangle that fabric, and weave in fresh strands to create a new texture for the country. Vote Liberal Democrats, or continue to suffer under the politics of disenfranchisement under Labour or the Conservatives.

This is my public display of affection – I *mwah* Nick Clegg.


UK General Election 2010 – Register to vote now!

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment
Register to Vote

Register to vote for the UK Parliamentary General Election

A UK parliamentary general election will be held sometime between now and June 2010. To be able to vote, make sure that you have already registered to be on the Electoral Poll. There’s still time to do this. If you are a British citizen or a citizen of a Commonwealth country resident in the UK, you are eligible to vote in the coming UK parliamentary general election. You are a stakeholder in this country and your vote counts! We cannot highlight enough the importance of each vote. It is a civic duty incumbent on every person who is eligible to vote. Take this opportunity! For more details, goto:

We’ve found a great poll site as well. Check it out –

See you at the polls!

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